Backtester in C#
My free Backtester in C# is designed to allow you to design and test your stock trading strategies quickly and efficiently in Visual Studio. Copy an existing strategy and use that as a starting point. Developing and testing your own strategies is completely free. Note that although the source code for the core Backtester in C# application is provided, all rights have been reserved. If you need rights to modify or distribute the application, please contact me concerning licensing, and I will try and accomodate you with an affordable fee. The free strategies provided with Backtester in C# come with open source licensing so you can modify them without charge. Use of Backtester in C# is completely free.


Download Source Code (This is a beta release. Look for a stabler release soon.)

Premium Strategies
For a fee you can have rights to a premium strategy. Upon payment you will be granted full rights to use, modify, and distribute the strategy, and you will obtain full source code of the strategy. Note that a compiled dll containing the premium strategies is provided for free so that you can test the premium strategies and examine the statistics, but no details as to the manner of operation of the strategies are provided with the free dll. Contact me for more information.
Modified Mean Reversion: $1000
Reverting Gainers: $1000


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