Quickstart for Backtester in C#

Running Backtester in C#
Download backtester in C# and unzip. Load the solution file with Visual Studio. Backtester in C# runs in the free Community edition of Visual Studio 2017. Sometimes Visual Studio leaves the startup project info behind, you might have to right click on the BacktesterInCSharp project and select Set as Startup Project. Press the play button in Visual Studio. When Backtester in C# starts go to the File menu and open a '.bcs' file, there is one here. This will contain the end of day data that you will need to backtest. After the data is loaded, press the green play button on the Backtester in C# application. You should see a graph appear and the backtest will begin. It will start with a flat line due to the indicators initializing. You can adjust the parameters in the Algorithm Parameters box and run the backtest again. There is more information in the Help menu of Backtester in C#.

Editing code
Read the above, Running Backtester in C#, first to get started. Then, in Visual Studio, open the Algorithms project of the solution. Take a look at some of the example strategies. Copy an example strategy and modify it to produce your own strategy. Be sure to give your new strategy a unique name in the Initialize function. There is more information in the Help menu of Backtester in C#.

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